Botanica Ethiopia

Run for Ethiopia

Join the Botanica Ethiopia team at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival next month! In (almost) true Ethiopian style, we’ll be going the distance – a grueling 9kms and the Sydney Harbour Bridge – on Sunday 18th September, to… Read More

Lions, tigers and Ethiopian riches

This month, Oxfam launched its GROW campaign with a new report on food security. The campaign is for a world without hunger and the report shows how our global food system is failing the very poorest. “Hunger is… Read More

Field work in the Great Rift Valley

The land behind Lakew’s house in Fiche drops 2000 metres into the Great Rift Valley; it becomes teff and grain crops, and salty white river banks, as far as the eye can see in any direction. Actually, this… Read More

Wild for you in Abware

Around the corner from our guesthouse in Addis – between the mechanics yard and the bakery that sells fresh yoghurt and barley rolls on busy Abware road – is Milka’s shop ‘Wild For You.’ The bright sign out… Read More

Trucks to market

Because early mornings in Fiche are crisp, we’d chosen a spot in the sun by the back fence of the garden to interview Zerefenesh about her herbal remedies. We stood on the hill, introducing ourselves, with the land… Read More

Of stories, seasons and spirits

We arrived at Fiche and met with Dr. Tesfay from the Ethiopia Institute of Biodiversity Conservation, over a late lunch. The Institute, a government body responsible for the preservation of Ethiopia’s ecosystems and genetic resources, is working with Lizzie… Read More

How does your Garden Grow? Permaculture in Konso

In the very South of Ethiopia is Karat-Konso and we were to stay at a small permaculture farm in the highland town to gather ideas for our garden in Fiche. Konso is named after the ethnic group of… Read More

In flight

This week, the project spreads its wings. Lizzie, Alemayehu and sister Bizunesh touched down safely in Addis Ababa on Tuesday; they’re busy immersing themselves in all things Ethiopian,  adjusting to the altitude, making connections and preparing for travel… Read More

Freshly pressed

Traditions of herbs to flourish Manly Daily (Sydney, Australia) – Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Author: Peter Bodkin A MANLY naturopath will travel to Ethiopia to help locals preserve their rich history of herbal remedies before the generations of… Read More

East to Abyssinia

In less than a week, Lizzie, Alemayehu and Bizunesh head off to Ethiopia. Good news is that Addis Ababa University is now collaborating with  Elizabeth on the research side of the project. Lizzie has been working with the… Read More

13 Months of Sunshine

When we talk of Ethiopia in the West, we think of famine and drought, civil war, an HIV epidemic, and phenomenal runners like Haile Gebrselassie. All of this is real. Impressions from a visit to the country in… Read More

The Good Earth – Fiche

The small town of Fiche, in the Oromia region of central Ethiopia, is where we will be planting the medicinal herb garden. Fiche is about four hours drive North of the capital, Addis Ababa. Our partners in Ethiopia… Read More