On the wireless: Herbs, health and biodiversity

Our very own Lizzie d’Avigdor spoke on Ethiopian radio recently about her research, biodiversity and the development of the Botanica Ethiopia project in Fiche.

From household gardens to a flourishing community ‘pharmacy’ of medicinal herbs, hear how a group of passionate home herbalists are documenting and preserving Ethiopia’s precious healing plants for future generations.

“All around the world, we’re losing herbs before we know their value,” says d’Avigdor.  “This is a small, grassroots project but I think it’s demonstrating how small grassroots projects can actually work very well and make a real contribution to conservation.”

3 Comments on “On the wireless: Herbs, health and biodiversity

  1. Great job Lizzie and to the farmers and co-op at Fiche! What a wonderful project (J655N). And a message that’s relevant everywhere… permaculture is brilliant.

    • Thank you Greg for your support – and to Global Development Group for their oversight of the project and support throughout

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