East to Abyssinia

In less than a week, Lizzie, Alemayehu and Bizunesh head off to Ethiopia.

Good news is that Addis Ababa University is now collaborating with  Elizabeth on the research side of the project. Lizzie has been working with the Biology Department; she will have access to the Library and Herbarium when in the capital, and will also have a research student working with her throughout the project; interviewing men and women in Fiche and recording the use of indigenous herbs as medicine.


Image: May Slater

Amaseganallo – Thank you!

The project has received so much support, and such thoughtful and generous donations from friends and colleagues here in Australia. We’ve raised a total of $1,450.

Special thanks to all those who have provided encouragement; to Kristen and Erin for their time and their talent, to AACASA (Australian African Children’s Aid and Support Association), Hope for Children, Kidest Nadew, Nathanael Moges, Rebekah Russell, Christine Kavanagh, David Cunnington, Amanda Brinkman, Pauline Roberts, Karen Bridgman, Elaine Searle, Natasha Larkin, Sarah Culverhouse, Shellie Blake, Kim Robertson, Cath Cooling, Lewis d’Avigdor and to all at Blackmores.

Ethiopian jewellery fundraising

On our return to Australia in March, we’ll hold a jewellery fundraising night in Sydney. Ethiopia is re-known for its bright yellow gold, quality silver, beads, amber and exquisite Filligri craftsmanship.

Stay tuned to the blog to follow the project ‘on the ground’ from next week. Unfortunately, less than 10% of Africa is connected to the internet, and while Information and wireless technology  use is growing,  Ethiopia ranks one of the poorest countries in the world for access. So….while we will most likely have limited internet outside of Addis, we’ll post updates, stories, film and photos as regularly as possible.

Elizabeth will be in Ethiopia from 10th January to 10th March 2011.


2 Comments on “East to Abyssinia

  1. Lizzie so excited to have found you and this story via The Manly Daily today. Gorgeous pic of you , May (so beautiful & grown) with Alemayehu also so beautiful & grown up. Wow! Would love to know more and to catch up after so long when you return. Find me at kaaren@mintmedia.biz.
    Much love
    Kaaren xx

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