For more information about the project and how you can help, email

Elizabeth d’Avigdor |Project Manager

You can read more about Elizabeth  at and she can be emailed directly at

Click here for more information about the Global Development Group or email




11 Comments on “Contact

  1. I love keeping up with all that you are doing…im so proud to know you and your family

  2. Lizzie,

    How exciting that the project is really coming together, with the association being agreed by the members and the governing councils. Keep us updated on how the vulnerable plants are doing. Congratulations on the wonderful outcome of all your efforts.

    Glenna and Robin

  3. The project at Fiche is unique in its nature in Ethiopia. Lizzie, you have to be proud of this project. It is an innovative approach, and will attaract many Ethiopians and development practitionars to replicate in various community.I personally learning always about this project…

    Tessema Bekele.

  4. Amaze.just amaze. I am listening to destruction (dog and kids) and ignoring it entirely. reading this blog is so encouraging and inspiring. i was meant to end up in this little house. next to yours. thank you universe. jillian x

  5. I really appreciate Lizzie’s amazing work and foundation in Ethiopia by resisting the hardship on field. I fell so glad while I read the information from my email that Lizzie was presented with a Rotary International award for her work in Ethiopia at the Foundation’s annual dinner in Sydney. I personally learned a lot from your work. Thank you and wish U all the best.

    Sisay Hailu: Debre Birhan college of Teacher’s Education, Ethiopia

  6. Selam, Hi,
    I just want to ask you ,do you know Dama kese (yemech medhanit)?


    • Dama kesse is called ocimim lamifoglium,it’s a sort of basilico.

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