In flight

This week, the project spreads its wings.

Lizzie, Alemayehu and sister Bizunesh touched down safely in Addis Ababa on Tuesday; they’re busy immersing themselves in all things Ethiopian,  adjusting to the altitude, making connections and preparing for travel to Fiche next week.

Botanica Ethiopia also received more generous (and public) support from home and afar. South Australian author (and part of the family), Phillipa Fioretti, wrote this lovely, personal post about the project…

Shifting the Gaze from the Navel

Sometimes I get impatient with the continual inward focus and isolated lifestyle writing demands. It’s a relief to get away from myself and be around others who are doing interesting and worthwhile things – it always helps to put that editing trauma or plot hole in perspective.

Over the Christmas break I spent time with one side of my extended family and, as usual, everybody is getting on with interesting activities, work or personal interests, and not writing related. My sister’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth d’Avigdor, a herbalist and naturopath with Blackmores, is flying to Ethiopia today to establish a herbal healing garden in Addis Abbaba. Now that’s interesting. Read more here

And for those who prefer their news in portuguese, the very beautiful journalist, Deni Ferreira, writes from Brazil…

Para quem não sabe, meu irmão mora na Austrália há 7 anos. Já deu tempo de ter até uma família adotiva (uma step-family mais precisamente) por lá: Lizzie, Michael, May, Adelaide e Alemayehu Slater.

A família Slater tem uma história muito legal: o Alemayehu é etíope e foi adotado aos 11 anos pela Lizzie e o Michel, depois que outro casal da família tinha adotado os seus irmãos, aos 3 e 5 anos. Hoje, os três irmãos crescem juntos, criados como primos-irmãos. Ler mais aqui

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