A significant moment in the history of the Botanica Ethiopia programme

Watch the latest film clip which shows Fitche community members discussing the formation of an Association and voting in their Committee; City  council representatives tell them that if they can get their own household herbal gardens to flourish, then Council will look at giving them land for community use.

2 Comments on “A significant moment in the history of the Botanica Ethiopia programme

  1. Hey Liz,
    That is great – very inspiring and a great example of what development is all about: Empowering the local community; with local resources, local government and community acceptance, involvement and ownership.
    It was also a brilliantly executed video – the addition of captions was really helpful to know the significance of what was happening.
    Congratulations to the newly elected committee for the Etse-Fewus Association, and well done to you and all at Botanica Ethiopia (J655N)
    on behalf of all of us here at Global Development Group,
    Greg Cadman

    • Hi Greg
      Thanks to you and GDG for the encouragement and feedback, it is valuable for us. The new Committee is already signing up new members, a lot of them are the women householders… will have more to report soon so watch this space.

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